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String X is a patent pending, one-of-a-kind, revolutionary tool to help you with your concrete finishing projects. String X is the only patented tool in the world that allows cement finishers to be able to fasten a string
line on the end of an extension pole so they may snap lines in wet cement to allow them to cut straight
tool joints - quickly and accurately.  
Take your work to the next level with String X!


I am Mike Bowbeer, the proud inventor of String X, and it is with great enthusiasm that I share the genesis of this innovation. My journey as a cement finisher laid the foundation for this transformative invention. One pivotal day, as I observed a fellow worker fastening a string line to the end of an extension pole, a moment of revelation washed over me.

The method they employed, using a string line suspended precariously over wet cement with a fellow worker on the opposite end to create a straight guide for their tools, struck me as rudimentary and far from ideal. This experience stirred my passion for improvement and spurred me to devise a solution that would not only expedite the process but also safeguard the integrity of the pole in the challenging, wet cement environment.

String X is the embodiment of this dedication to refinement. It is not just a technological advancement; it is a symbol of my unrelenting commitment to excellence. Beyond its remarkable efficiency and ease of use, String X offers a level of precision that empowers users to position the string exactly where it is needed. This invention stands as a testament to my unwavering pursuit of perfection in the realm of construction, representing a fusion of passion, professionalism, and innovation.

- Mike Bowbeer

Muller Construction Supply (San Jose, CA)
Build-Tek (Martinez, CA)
Stoneyard Masonry (Baypoint and Suisun, CA)
Larms Building and Garden Supply (Oakland, CA)

Diamond K Supply (Lafayette, CA)
Peninsula Building Materials (Redwood City and Santa Clara, CA)
Deco-Crete Supply (Orrville, Ohio)



String line reel not for sale, for demonstration only.  The diameter of the tool fits a 1 3/8 inch pole. You will need an adapter if you have a 1 3/4 inch pole. For now, adapters can be purchased online from a tool distributor.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the contact info below.  Thank you for your support!

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